How Social Media Can Boost Your SEO Ranking.

The days of Google just matching keyword to keyword as a search criteria are long gone. Enter now the brave new world of content, social media and backlinking. Let's start with content. In the eye's of google website that are "content rich" offer a whole lot more value to readers than sites that are not. This not only applies to google but to all search engines. Unlike the old days search engines wants to know that when readers visits your wesbite the will be greeted by tons relevant, quality information.

Content can range anywhere from a truck load of texts, pictures, videos, blogging, etc. Speaking of blogging, blogging is considered a great form of content and can add tremendous value to your website.That is why most websites today have some form of a blogging mechanism built into it.

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Powerful Free Page Rank 7 backlink from Tumblr!

Backlinks are a critial part of the whole SEO process. They let search engines like google know that your site offers value to lots and lots of people. Backlinks are also a great way to generate lots of traffic to your website. There are quite a few social media sites on the internet these days and the list just keeps getting bigger.

One of these social media sites is called twitter. Tumblr was founded in 2007 and is pretty well known. They have a huge following and allows you to post just about anything online. You can also control the appearance of your content by customizing the colors and theme's html. The company has approximately 399 employees and is located in NY. As of this writing there were 332 million blogs and 44 million post on tumblr!

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Tips for purchasing your first domain name!

Purchasing a domian name is a pretty exciting and important step to owning your own website. Your domain name just as unique as you are. So take some time and give careful consideration to the name you're going to choose. These day's there's a whole lot of different extensions to choose as well such as .shop, .online, .restuarant, .club, .site, .life, .rocks, .tech, .guru, .cloud, .news, etc. The list goes on. So take your time and carefully choose one that's just right for you or your business. Legacy extensions like .com still seem to be pretty popular but they are getting very scarce.

The next step is to choose a company to purchase your domain name from. There are a lot of hosting companies and domain registrar's with which you can register your domain name. Some companies provides one stop shopping. That means that you can purchase your domain with them as well as host your website. other companies only allow you to register your domain name. These companies all have different pricing structures so simply choose the one that fits your budget...

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How to create a Hubble Hosting Account?

Creating a Hubble Hosting account is a very simple process. We are creating a detailed video that shows you how and we'll post it on the tutorial page. Thank you for being part of the Hubble Hosting family!

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